Five Things

Photo by  Jonas Vincent  on  Unsplash

A weekly roundup of things I thought worth sharing—the inspiring, the thought-provoking, the things that helped get me through my week.

1. I finished reading Three Women by Lisa Taddeo this week. It was a page turner exploring women’s desire among the backdrop of three true stories. Initially I didn’t know what I would have in common with any of the women, but there’s plenty there to relate to. I also found it interesting how much of women’s desire (or the realization of it) is controlled by men.

2. I’m behind on my On Being podcast listening, but this recent conversation with Ross Gay is worth a listen. Gay spent a year writing an essay a day about what delighted him that day, the sum of which became The Book of Delights.

3. I appreciated this permission slip to delete the dating apps. As the advice seeker put it: If I find the process so grueling, why should I do it? My life as a single person is already pretty great, so what if I spent all that date time going on long walks with my dog? … Reading books? Making veggie lasagna with my friend, her husband, and their 3-year-old? Isn’t that a better use of time than drinking at a dark bar with a man I’m most likely to find boring and unexciting? Why do I have to keep on spending my time this way? Can’t I just lean into my life of being single and abandon the pursuit of a partnered life? The answer, essentially, is YES.

4. I had a conversation with a friend this week who thought, as a 23-year-old, Monica Lewinsky knew what she was doing when she did it, and maybe we don’t need this show. But I think back to who I was at 23 and the decisions I made then and how many of them were misguided at best. I’m not sure who is right, but I think it’s always a good thing when a woman gets to take the narrative back.

5. If you aren’t following the poet Maggie Smith’s daily tweets, you must remedy that immediately.