Five Things

Photo by  Jonas Vincent  on  Unsplash

A weekly roundup of things I thought worth sharing—the inspiring, the thought-provoking, the things that helped get me through my week. This week: Sophfronia Scott on her writing practice, more woo, better book covers, why offices suck, and a reminder that good things are possible.

1. I find that a good way to keep my focus on my writing is to regularly read and listen to other writers discussing their craft. This interview with Sophfronia Scott was inspiring and helpful. Sophfronia is one of my role models because of her unfailing dedication to her writing. Some of the wisdom: “I'm tired of the angst, I'm tired of the fretfulness. We have work to do and it's bright and it's shining and it's bold and it's beautiful. We can change the world.”

2. I know I mentioned an episode of The C.R.E.A.T.E Podcast a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve pretty much been listening to back episodes non-stop since rediscovering it. It’s definitely full of the woo, so if you aren’t into that kind of thing it might not resonate. But it’s helping me rethink how I move through my days and how to bring more joy and creativity into my life.

3. The Modern Office Needs To Go. Couldn’t agree more.

4. I took a break from nonfiction this summer and dove into Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series. It was just what I needed. But yes, why the cheesy covers? I like the Australian covers better.

5. One of my favorite writers sold her second book for a six-figure deal. Excited to read the book and grateful for the reminder that it’s possible to do that.