On Showing Up Fully, Or, I'm F***ed Up, You're F***ed Up

I wrote a different post for this week, about my issues with disordered eating, but at the last minute, decided not to share it. It felt too raw, like too much exposure. It felt like I was revealing too much—too much about me, too much about the things I struggle with.

Familiar refrains are: What will people think? What if people judge me? What if people think less of me?

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Diet Culture Is Coming for the Children

At my cousin’s wedding reception a couple of summers ago, my then nine-year-old niece picked up my wrap and asked me what it was for. I told her it was for keeping warm, and showed her the ways she could wear it. She took my wrap and tied it around her neck the way I showed her, pulling her long blonde hair out of the back and adjusting it like an expert. My niece fidgeted some more, pulling and shifting the fabric, and then asked, “Does this make me look fat?”

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Womanhood Does Not Equal Motherhood

Dear Jefferson County public library,

I think what you mean is “Celebrate Mothers.”


Child-free women literally everywhere

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