On Showing Up Fully, Or, I'm F***ed Up, You're F***ed Up

I wrote a different post for this week, about my issues with disordered eating, but at the last minute, decided not to share it. It felt too raw, like too much exposure. It felt like I was revealing too much—too much about me, too much about the things I struggle with.

Familiar refrains are: What will people think? What if people judge me? What if people think less of me?

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If You Build It, Ideas Will Come

If you subscribe to this blog you may have noticed I’ve been posting more lately. A friend and I committed to doing so, and so far, we’ve both managed to accomplish that goal, despite full-time jobs and a myriad of other commitments. Yay us.

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Don't Just Wait. Do Something.

It’s been more a year a half now since I completed my MFA in creative writing. It’s been on my mind lately because my program—the Mile-High MFA—recently held its summer residency, and I was able to connect with a few people who were in town.

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Good Sentences

In Still Writing, Dani Shapiro quotes a list of instructions for writers by the poet Jane Kenyon. They include things such as, “Protect your time,” and “Feed your inner life.” The title for this post comes from this instruction: “Read good books, have good sentences in your ears.”

In the past, I’ve shared the “good sentences” I’m reading on Facebook. But sometime last year I realized that Facebook has taken the place of the quote journals I used to keep. Now I’m letting Mark Zuckerberg hold my favorite passages for me. Massive dislike.

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