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Editing and Proofreading

Are you looking for feedback on your essay or short story? Are you stuck and don't know what your piece is missing? Do you need help finding typos and grammatical errors? Let's chat. Email vesselywriter@gmail.com and we'll work together to finish your project.


"Stephanie is an exceptional proofreader and is one of the most detail-oriented people that I have ever worked with. She is always smiling and bringing a positive attitude even under the most pressure-packed situations in the very demanding and time-driven advertising world. Stephanie is someone that I continue to reach out to as a resource for proofreading and I will as long as she is available to help our agency and our clients. Hire her and you will have no regrets." - Jared Nyquist, Account Director, Red Rag and Bull

"Stephanie is a talented, insightful writer and a dedicated editor. In the time I worked with her at elephant journal, she showed great strength in her ability to cover current events both thoroughly and quickly, and to deliver seamless, thoughtful edits for our guest writers. I would highly recommend her as a freelance writer and editor." - Kate Bartolotta, Editor in Chief/Owner, Be You Media Group

"Stephanie brings heart, soul and a gentle hand to each word that she touches. Whether combing over the fine details as an editor for a fellow writer or crafting her own pieces, her work is infused with integrity and dedication. Pair that with a seasoned ability to communicate, Stephanie is a joy to work with and I'd snap her up just as soon as I could if I were you." - Bryonie Wise, Former Editor, elephant journal

"In working with Stephanie over several years, I’ve witnessed nothing short of consummate professionalism. She has a keen eye for detail and consistency, is incredibly efficient and is very responsive to the deadlines in our organization’s line of work. Her can-do demeanor, coupled with the consistent high quality of her work, make life a lot easier for us during the busy season. Having her eyes on projects most certainly eases mine." - Jon Watters, Communication Consultant, Towers Watson

"Stephanie is our agency’s main proofreading resource, and I wish every contractor was more like her: on-time and on budget. It’s no understatement that she has saved a few client relationships for us." - Jordan Sher, President, Red Rag & Bull