“I believe in art the way other people believe in god.”
 - Lidia Yuknavitch


In my happy place on the west coast of Ireland


Hey There...

I'm a writer and editor working on balancing my creative spirit with my need to pay the bills. 


I write literary essays and marketing copy. I edit books, essays, and short stories, and 

copy edit for businesses and individuals. And I'm the cofounder of Wandering Writer Retreats, where I co-lead writing and hiking activities and teach writing classes online. 


My life goal: Travel everywhere. Write along the way.

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On Essaying...

In an interview with Hugo House, the writer Steve Almond said that when people ask him “What should I write about?” his response is to “Write about what you can’t get rid of by any other means.” 


This, essentially, is why I write essays. Because I’ve tried ALL the other means. They didn’t work.


Writing is the best way I know how to find meaning, how to understand the world, and how to move things through my body so they can’t destroy me.

Words Matter

Helping you make sure you have the right ones is my specialty. I also excel at noticing scene incongruencies on TV and in movies, which isn’t a marketable skill. But the good news is that I bring that same detail-oriented, eagle eye to your work.

I’ve been writing and editing professionally for over 20 years and have experience in everything from newspapers to magazines to advertising to marketing to book publishing.

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“I feel that art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos.”
Saul Bellow

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"Stephanie is an exceptional proofreader and is one of the most detail-oriented people that I have ever worked with. She is always smiling and bringing a positive attitude even under the most pressure-packed situations in the very demanding and time-driven advertising world. Stephanie is someone that I continue to reach out to as a resource for proofreading and I will as long as she is available to help our agency and our clients. Hire her and you will have no regrets."

- Jared Nyquist, Account Director, Red Rag and Bull