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Copyediting and Proofreading 

I enjoy tightening sentences and finding the best way to say the thing you’re trying to say. Weird? Maybe. But I own it. I read for grammar, consistency, spelling, and clarity. I revise and make suggestions when necessary.


Newsletters, blog posts, books, corporate communications, marketing materials. You name it, I can edit it.

Developmental Editing

You did it. You wrote the book. But you don’t know if it’s any good. Or if it makes any sense. Or if it says what you want it to say. That’s what I’m here for. I’ll read it. We’ll chat. It’ll be great. 


I specialize editing nonfiction—essays, essay collections, and memoirs, but can edit short stories and novels too. 

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I love puzzles and I love words. Copywriting feels like a combo of both—digging in, playing with words, and finding the exact right fit. Most of my copywriting experience is in packaging and web copy, but I’ve dipped my toes into social and blog writing. 

"In working with Stephanie over several years, I’ve witnessed nothing short of consummate professionalism. She has a keen eye for detail and consistency, is incredibly efficient and is very responsive to the deadlines in our organization’s line of work. Her can-do demeanor, coupled with the consistent high quality of her work, make life a lot easier for us during the busy season. Having her eyes on projects most certainly eases mine."

- Jon Watters, Communication Consultant, Towers Watson

Work With Me...
Have you worked with a professional editor/copywriter before?

Thanks. I'll be in touch soon.

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Client contact

"Stephanie brings heart, soul and a gentle hand to each word that she touches. Whether combing over the fine details as an editor for a fellow writer or crafting her own pieces, her work is infused with integrity and dedication. Pair that with a seasoned ability to communicate, Stephanie is a joy to work with and I'd snap her up just as soon as I could if I were you."

- Bryonie Wise, Former Editor, elephant journal

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