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About Stephanie

Stephanie is a writer and editor who lives in Denver, Colorado. She holds an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Regis University, and is currently seeking publication for her essay collection. You can read some of her essays here.

Stephanie is regularly saved by yoga and hiking, and is searching for Truth. These are a few places she’s found it: the swaying of tree branches, the ocean, the laughter of her nieces and nephews, and her own heart, when she can be still enough to hear it.


She loves travel, hates small talk and wants to save the animals. Someday, she’ll learn how to tap dance. In the meantime, she keeps "scribbled secret notebooks" and knows everything is as it should be, even if she has a hard time remembering it.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter or Instagram, or contact her at


Stephanie edited my entire 300-page manuscript recently, and I would use her again and again. Her edits were organized, succinct, intuitive, and right on the mark. In addition to the manuscript edits, she gave me a summary sheet of the bigger picture suggestions, and we also did a Zoom review to discuss her impressions. She really helped steer me in the right direction and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this scope of help. Susan Valas 

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